TICC Fhananova Poster

Poster from TICC After Dark 4:


performed at DemiCon 19

on May 3, 2008



The complete catalog listing of Trans-Iowa Canal Company performances is now available in the video archive. Those marked with a $ are available for purchase.

Additionally here is some information on some of the DVD release(s) which includes information on finding some hidden "Easter Eggs" on TICC DVD's :

TICC Members can also click the link here to enter the secret TICC Video Vault to jump into a virtual time machine and watch or download TICC performances from the past. (Hint: The poster on the right should help get you in along with his one true love (all lowercase letters)- if not, ask another TICC member for the secret.)

Once you get through the door, the navigation controls are on the left plus on the TICC Video Vault Home Base- you will see connections to TICC Specials and TICC @ Archon as well.

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